Constitution of the Hamilton and Area Curling Association

  1. Aims and Objectives
  2. The purpose of the Hamilton and Area Curling Association is to promote, encourage, support and where applicable, coordinate curling in the Hamilton area.  Activities may include but are not limited to:

    1. Development of Junior, Little Rock and School curling by helping to arrange for ice time, bonspiels and instruction.
    2. Publicity of annual bonspiels.
    3. Resolution of dates or conflicts for clubs and area bonspiels.
    4. Creation of an area curling calendar.
    5. Fostering and sustaining active curling in the Hamilton area.
  3. Head Office
  4. The Head Office of the Association shall be the Hamilton Victoria Club, 568 King Street East, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 1E2.

  5. Membership
  6. The founding members of the Hamilton and Area Curling Association are the following organizations:

    • Burlington Curling Club
    • Burlington Golf and Country Club
    • Dundas Granite Curling Club
    • Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club
    • Glanford Curling Club
    • Glendale Golf and Country Club
    • Grimsby Curling Club
    • Hamilton Victoria Club
    • Hamilton and District Women’s Open Bonspiel
    • Hamilton and District Day Ladies Bonspiel
    • Hamilton and District Mens and Masters Bonspiel
    • Hamilton and District Mixed Curling Classic

    The Board of Directors of the Hamilton and Area Curling Association shall be made up of one representative from each of the foregoing organizations.  Each Board member must be an active member of a curling association.  No Board member shall receive remuneration.

    Any curling organization may from time to time apply for membership in the Hamilton and Area Curling Association upon submitting an application in the following form “…..” herby applies for membership in the Hamilton and Area Curling Association and agrees to be governed by the constitution, rules and proceeding.

  7. Constitution Amending Formula
  8. Changes to the constitution must be ratified at an Annual General Meeting.

    1. A notification of the change must be made ten days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
    2. A two-thirds majority vote is required to pass the change.


  1. Officers
  2. The Association shall elect from among its Board members a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and Treasurer.  The President must be a registered curling member of an area curling club.  One person may hold the position of Secretary/Treasurer.

  3. Duties of the President
  4. It is the duty of the President to:

    1. See to the orderly and timely conducting of the Association business and see to the affairs as required by the Association.
    2. Act as an ex-officio member of all committees.
    3. Convene meetings and be familiar with all items on the agenda and the reasons for their discussion at the meeting.
    4. Confirm that the meeting has been duly called and is properly constituted.
    5. Start and finish or adjourn the meeting according to the schedule.
    6. Introduce guests or observers at the beginning of the meeting.
    7. Ensure that all members are given full opportunity to express their opinions.
    8. Conduct the meeting in an orderly way, according to the Association’s by-laws and current issues.
    9. Decide who may speak and limit discussions to the matters within the scope of the meeting and decide when there is sufficient debate on each motion.
    10. Call for votes and declare the results of voting.
  5. Duties of the Past President
  6. It is the duty of the Past President to:

    1. Be directed by the Executive Committee.
    2. Act as a member of the Nominating Committee.
  7. Duties of the Vice President
  8. It is the duty of the Vice President to be prepared to take over the duties of the President in the event of his/her absence for any reason.

  9. Duties of the Secretary
  10. Is the duty of the Secretary to:

    1. Prepare and send out the notice of the meeting and agenda to all those who are entitled to attend.
    2. Confirm a location for the meeting and ensure that it is properly set up prior to the meeting.
    3. Ensure that all reports are received for copying and circulation prior to the meeting.
    4. Bring to the meeting all the materials that may be needed, such as by-laws, previous minutes and reports.
    5. Take notes of the proceedings of the meeting so that minutes can be drafted after the meeting.
    6. Read aloud at the meeting any document which may be required.
    7. Carry out any action arising out of the meeting which pertain to the Secretary.
    8. Maintain a registry of the Board members and their alternates.
  11. Duties of the Treasurer
  12. It is the duty of the Treasurer to:

    1. Keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements of the Association in proper books of accounts.
    2. Deposit all monies and other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the Association.
    3. Disburse the funds of the Association as authorized by the Association.
    4. Render to the Association at regular meetings an account of all transactions and of the Association’s financial position.
    5. Liaise with the tax department.
    6. Liaise with the outside auditors.
  13. Duties of the Board Members
  14. It is the duty of all Board members to:

    1. Arrive on time, prepared to participate in the meeting.
    2. Read any material received prior to the meeting.
    3. If you are presenting a report at the meeting, endeavor to have it circulated in advance. Be courteous and do not speak while others are speaking.
    4. Must be selected by their organization to sit on the Board of Directors of the Hamilton and Area Curling Association.
    5. Report directly to their Board of Directors from which they obtain their mandate.
    6. Must register themselves and their duly appointed alternate with the Secretary of the Association.
    7. Ensure their alternate is abreast of the business of the Association and is invited to observe at the Association meetings.
  15. Terms of Officers
    1. Each Officer shall be elected for the term of 1 year. A new executive shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.
    2. Board members are to be registered and confirmed annually by the Association.
    3. Length of continuous service for Officers and Board members shall be six (6) years.
  16. Quorum
  17. Quorum is one more than half the number of persons who make up the voting members of the Board of Directors of the Association.  Meetings may not be called to order without a quorum.  If a quorum is present at the beginning of the meeting and some members leave, thereby reducing the number to less than a quorum, the meeting may continue only if it is the wish of the remaining members to do so.  That meeting will continue as a matter of the record only.  The record may be taken to the next meeting for voting.

  18. Meetings
    1. Meetings shall be held at the call of the President, but in no case shall they be held no less than 4 times a year. One of those meetings will be an annual meeting.
    2. A majority of Board members may call a meeting.
  19. Voting
    1. Each organization shall have one (1) vote on the Board of Directors on the Hamilton and Area Curling Association. This one vote shall be cast by the duly appointed Board member or their registered alternate.  No proxy vote shall be allowed.
    2. All questions shall be decided by a majority vote.
    3. The President, in the case of a tie, shall cast a second vote in addition to the deliberate vote given on behalf of the organization he/she represents.
  20. Financial Year
  21. The fiscal year shall be from May 1 to April 30.

  22. Dues
  23. Dues are to be determined as required.

  24. Committees
    1. Executive Committee
      1. Shall meet when necessary to carry on the business of the Association
    2. Nominating Committee
    3. Auditing Committee
    4. Marketing and Public Relations Committee
    5. Constitution Committee
    6. Financial Committee
      1. Shall have a mandate to direct long range financial planning
    7. Youth Committee
  25. Rules of Order
  26. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with the constitution, by-laws and procedure of the Association.

  27. Dissolution of the Association
  28. If for any reason the Board of Directors of the Association sees fit to dissolve the Hamilton and Area Curling Association, any assets, after all liabilities have been met, shall be given in equal amounts to the eight (8) member clubs as identified in section 3 Membership, of this Constitution.  In order to be eligible the curling club/section must be active in the sport of curling.

  29. Dispersal of Funds
  30. All monies dispersed by the Board of Directors of the Association shall be directed to an active curling organization or curling section consistent with the Aims and Objectives of the Hamilton and Area Curling Association.

  31. By-law Amending Formula
  32. By-law changes may be introduced at any regular meeting and passed by a simple majority vote.  By-law changes may be confirmed at the Annual Meeting as a point of Information.


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