Curling Tips

Key ways to keep the game moving and to play all 8 ends

5 Minutes

be ready 5 minutes before a game

Be ready to go on the ice 5 minutes before your game is to start.  This allows for handshakes, warm-up slides and the coin toss!

Rock Ready

rock ready curling

If your teammate has to get their slider on, or your skip is coming down the ice, get the rock out for them while you’re waiting.

Hack it!

hack it

As soon as the opposing player has realeased their stone, the next player to throw should move quickly to the hack.  Clean the rock and set up so when your skip takes control of the house, you’re ready to throw.

Lead on

lead on

At the beginning of an end, if you do not have the hammer, your lead should NOT help to put the rocks away. Instead, the lead should find their rock, get  in the hack, clean their rock and be prepared to throw as soon as the skip is at the other end.

Out of order

out of order

Rocks do NOT need to be put away in order.  Simply putting the rocks neatly in the corners and not worrying about number order saves A LOT of time! If you are compulsive abou putting rocks away in order, skips can help by putting rocks that are out of play in their appropriate place as the end progresses.

Stay Focused

stay focused on the game

Skips must stay focused on the next shot and not be chatting with the opposing skip or players on adjacent skeets.


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