What's Curling All About

Curling is a popular winter sport which is played from September/October through early/mid April.  Its a sport for all ages and all skill levels.  Participants can play just 1 game a week or up to 5 games a week depending upon their availability and interest, as well as the league schedules at our 8 HACA clubs.  On average, most new curlers play 1 or 2 games per week.

Individual players are placed on teams of 4, and depending upon the league set up.  Teams are remixed after 4 or 5 weeks of play, or, they stay together for the entire season.  It is important to note that curling is a team game and it is typically played based on pre-scheduled game times – so there is a small time commitment required.

Curling games run for 2 hours, with a social “hour” in the club lounge immediately following the game.  Its tradition for the winning team to offer to buy the first round of drinks and the losing team offers to reciprocate after.  The social aspect of curling is equally as important as the game itself – long standing friendships are a byproduct of curling!

HACA curling clubs offer Learn to Curl clinics for new curlers with experienced instructors.  Our clinics are focused towards learning the game in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment.  Each of our clubs also offer a Special Introductory Membership rate for new curlers who want to try the sport without committing to a full season membership.

To find a curling club near you, visit our Curling Club Profiles.

Learn To Curl

Wanting to try curling?  The Glanford Curling Club is hosting a 5 week Learn2Curl program.  Catch the Olympic spirit and try curling!

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